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François Lonchampt

Alain Tizon


A Thousand Triumphant Ubus ( Alain Tizon , François Lonchampt , 1999)

Outline of the book ''Votre révolution n'est pas la mienne'' ( Loren Goldner , 2001)

Outset of ''Votre révolution n'est pas la mienne'' ( Alain Tizon , François Lonchampt , 1999)


Outset of ''Votre révolution n'est pas la mienne''
Alain Tizon, François Lonchampt, 1999


In 1968, in the current consumption's and whole employement's society, breaks out the first general and spontaneous strike, which made a significant European country paralysed. All the institutions are called into question ; factories, offices and public administration are occupied, "Acting-commities" are everywhere established, speech is getting free, and some attempts to exchange reorganizing under theses commitees control can be seen. In this stirring and freedom atmosphere, some were envisageing to draw the merchandising society criticism as far as its extreme consequences, and to revive at last a transparent history dream for the men who make it. Among those who were launching them into all kinds of existential and political trips and adventures, many of them did not keep the necessary distance for operating a timely sensible strategic reversal.

All of the "May" deeply upsetted ones did not become famous fashion designers, "Libération" reporters or moovies producers, most of them are cynically glancing at their own youth, and trampling on what their twenty year's honnour was. Those are entitled to our whole contempt.

Some others did not resist the so-called "one of the most violent, an may be crucial reactionnary period of the history" in "Ecrits Corsaires" by Pasolini. And each of us knew someone, who lived this adventure with a very bad end. Drunk with life on May, they did not resist dark years and could not ever restore their situation.

This book is to them dedicated, as well as those who are to-day still dignity keeping.

It is the attempts result to overcome these twenty last years difficulties, to replace this May spirit credit, in spite of its ambiguities, and to provide hope reasons to those who did not abandon, as well as new generations stifling with Ego-God religion, who most often heared about this time through our ennemies.